25 Years Serving our members

In 1992, the NASA Academy was just an idea brewing in the mind of Dr. Gerald Soffen. His goal was to get quality students involved in a space agency that was in severe need of a transfusion of “fresh blood”. Over 800 students have been through what the vast majority of them will tell you was the most intense, exciting, educational, and rewarding ten weeks of their lives. In many cases, the experience did not end with the close of the summer; it is still living, breathing, and maturing in the students who have had the opportunity to participate.

Dr. Soffen outside the National Academy of Science in June 1995

Because, for most of us, this program has changed our lives, the alumni decided to officially establish the NASA Academy Alumni Association in 1997. The Alumni Association looks forward to working with NASA and Space Grant to further enhance the Academy experience for all involved.